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Locksmith services are no longer limited to picking locks and duplicating keys. Edina locksmith offers a variety of services that are essential for modern security and safety measures. We have invested in the most recent technology and our technicians are well
versed in home, industry and car locksmith Edina services to ensure maximum security. Some of our exceptional services include;

Security systems

We install CCTV system and alarm system. The CCTV will help you identify the perpetrator of the crime if committed while the alarm systems will help notify necessary authorities in time. Presence of security systems helps intruder think twice before entering your house or company. It makes it secure.

Access control

We also do install access control system like keypads, magnetic locks, stand alone digital locks, storefront keypad, proximity reader, biometric finger print reader and keyless entry control system all, which help keep intruders out of your premises. They make it hard for intruders to get in so making your property safe.


At Edina locksmith we install, service and sell all types of safes; document safe, floor safe, fireproof safe, depository safe, home safe, high security safe and cash box. Our safes are durable and very hard to tamper with. They are made with the highest technology making them very safe.

Commercial services

Our technicians are fully trained and updated in all the modern security gadget and equipment. They guarantee that when they are done with your building it will be safer than it can ever be. We offer complex security systems that lock out professional robbers and also common thieves. We install digital, electronic and biometric locks; we install high tech alarm and access control systems and other alarm detectors for fire, smoke flood among others. We also do install gate locks, lockout services, desk locks, safes and bolts. We can install common locks or biometric, whichever you think is right for your company. We also open safes and locks if you have lost the key and make you extra keys for easy replacement.

Residential services

Domestic security is one of our greatest services. Edina locksmiths having been in the industry for some time we know what homes need to be secure. The main objective is to lock intruders out of your house. We install effective locks on your gates, doors, garages and other places. We install all sough of locks i.e. deadbolts, key-less locks, conventional locks and other interior knobs We also install alarm systems and CCTV cameras to help you get help quickly in case of an intruder. We can also install detectors to keep you from other home hazards like smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or high levels of water. We can install new systems or upgrade the old ones. We also help you keep your safes and vaults tightly locked. We can also be called to open up your house in case you have lost your keys or forgotten the combination. We also make multiple keys for you to ensure all the family members are not inconvenienced by another.

Auto locksmith Edina

We have invested in the most advanced computerized cutting machinery in the market. We have innovative code program software which updates us on the latest vehicle technology. Our car locksmith Edina services are unrivaled. We specialize in all range of auto keys and locks. We remove your keys if they are jammed, stuck and broken from ignition. We also install car alarm system, access systems and tracker to protect your car from being easily stolen. We also install digital door locks and programmed key chips. We also do car lock repair and car key repair at any time of day you require our emergency services.

We are available at all time’s day or night. Our mobile vehicles are equipped with advanced tools to help you out of all emergencies. We have a drive-in auto shop where we can repair or replace damaged locks while ensuring your car is secure. Locksmith Edina services are affordable and professional.

Contact Us - (612) 284-3267